Yep!  It is paradise.  I routinely refer to this little patch of Earth known as the Kelln Kompound as paradise.  Most of the time there is sarcasm in this statement.  But sometimes, I mean it.  And right now, on this 22nd day of April, I truly mean it.  NO wind.  We have had rain…multiple days in a row.  Things are green.  Did I mention NO wind?  

       I truly do like living in NW Oklahoma.  Although, there are times I would just like to load up and head to Costa Rica.  There is something to be said for the quality of people that live here and in the Texas & Oklahoma panhandles.  You have to want to live here.  There are a lot of great people that live in paradise.  And I got to see a bunch of them at the NW district speech contest last night.  For instance, Lanna Slater was there to cheer on the youngest Slater–Hunter.  He did well as he qualified for state.  His father, Fred, showed up late and in casual attire.  No, he wasn’t wearing those old holey red sweat pants, but he was comfortable.  Any day talking to Fred and Lanna is a good day.  Did I mention that Fred bought a 1987 Suzuki Samurai vehicle to cruise around and check cows?  Yeah, he has pics. I got to see Tori Sessions, Lexi Vanderwork, Katherine Cockraham, Rhylli Powell, Colin Ring and several other great goat showers. There is a lot of talent beyond showing animals….as should be.  

       On the speech contest note….hats off to all of those competing and the winners.  Our kids did well, but there is room for improvement.  There is a culture that surrounds those consistent winning public speaking winning chapters.  It takes a group effort, takes time and takes dedication.  That Kingfisher crew does it right.  There are parents, grandparents, teachers, business people, etc.  that know what a speech should sound like and how to handle questions.   People can gripe about getting their donkey’s kicked by the Kingfisher Krew, but they do it right.  Oh, did I mention that they have a pair of ag teachers that are REALLY good at winning National Championships?  Tip of the cap to Mr. & Mrs. Burns on all they do.  Tammy & I will always clap for a job well done; no matter how bad the ass-whipping. 

      My fondest memories of teaching revolve around some years spent in Waynoka.  There is still a pile of people in that metropolis willing to help kids present and then answer questions.  I will bet that “Little Dukester or those Holt girls” will hit a lick as a result from some practice that happens in Waynoka in years to come.  Shattuck has the talent, but that talent needs to/will grow.  But, I really like the future.  It is kind of like that yogurt in the back of the fridge…..the culture is growing.  

      On a goat note, we will sell a way good yearling doe at the Diva’s sale on Saturday.  I won’t tell you what she is worth, but I will bet that she makes money for whoever buys her.  Kelln Livestock does produce.  Why?  Because I will gladly $h!t can them to some obscure sale barn if they don’t.  A doe is a miserable animal, and a non-producer doesn’t do anybody any good.  This one is a keeper.  

      Let’s end this blog on a high note….Shout out to old farts in Nebraska named Ron, producers of the Amazing Race that make time to read this krap, Ditch Witch employees, any BA teenage mutant ninja turtles in the 73015 zip code and any kid willing to have the intestinal fortitude to get up and give a speech. A thumbs up to all those adults that make a kid give a speech.   Tip o’ the cap, top o’ the day to ya but a better one tomorrow.  

p.s.  play “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica with the San Francisco symphony orchestra.  Great movie, great song done right by a great band with a….what?!  Trust me.  Great tune.