So, I went to Taco Mayo to get me a #3 mexicali grilled burrito with tater locos.  I said, “I would like a #3, beef, please.”  The waitress looked at me and said, “Chicken or steak?”  I shook my head, stared at the ceiling, thinking to myself, “If I said  Beef, doesn’t that mean Steak?”  I answered, “Steak”.  She printed my ticket, handed it and my cup to me.

    They called my number, I picked up my order, sat down and bit into it.  Guess what?  Chicken.  The reciept said #3 Steak, I said Beef & Steak.  How did I end up with chicken?  I ate the crap as I was already pissed about my day as I had a flat on a header trailer, got it fixed, then blew out the same tire 12 miles later.  I got rained on the both times that I was changing tires on the side of the highway with trucks blowing by me.  At least it is raining. 

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