It actually isn’t hard to admit, but I admit that I have been wrong before.  I catch crap at work and at home because I am always right.  I recently traded for a slick 4440 tractor. Some of the higher ups thought I put WAY too much money in the trade in.  Three days later, it was sold for a substantial profit.  I was RIGHT.  However, I’ve got another unit or two that I wasn’t quite as right on. 

     There is no way to always be right when buying livestock.  There has been times when I’ve hooked a kid up with 3 animals and all 3 turned out to be just nice ones.  The next year, same kid, and all 3 turn out to be winners.  It isn’t an exact science.  If it was the gauranteed ones would definitely cost a pile.  I have even been accused of working harder to make a potential screw up look top notch, just so I can still be right.  “If you worked that hard on a great one, you’d be tough to beat.”  Well, we don’t feed many great ones.  I like a challenge and a project.  It also makes a kid a better showman if they have to work to hide the faults.  The harder you work, the luckier you get.  Although I can be right a lot, I will gaurantee that I am NOT always right. 

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