Wrap or Twine

     I’ve been known to stock pile hay.  I don’t like the thought of running out.  I buy hay even when I don’t need it if it is good hay and priced right.  Which is recently the case.  I bought some really good oat hay round bales that Brandon Bruce hooked me up with and Tim Dunkin delivered it. They also brought several loads of good grass hay for dad.  Good service with a smile. 

     I deal with a lot of round balers and we sell a lot of net wrap and baler twine.  It is interesting to hear different versions of why some people like one versus the other.  Baling with wrap is faster.  Twine is cheaper.  My favorite is that they don’t like cutting net wrap off of a bale when there is ice on it.  I personally think this is a pile of crap.  I despise trying to cut all of the dang individual twines off a twine bale when it is dry and sunny out and it is absolutely miserable when there is snow and ice on it.  I can get the wrap off–ice and all–in no time, then I just drag the pile of wrap to the dumpster–done.  Not with the twine, cut the visible twines, dig through some hay to find other twines, pull it off, then realize there is more, cut it, pull it, now try to get it all folded up into a manageable bundle so I can get it to the dumpster.  Nope, it catches on something.  Gate latch, my feet, tractor shifter lever, you name it.  I hate messing with baler twine.

     This hay has reminded me why I hadn’t bought any hay with twine on it in the past 5 years. The great thing is that once I was done wrestling the twine, it is really good hay and the does love it.  And the price was right.  Plus, my stock pile of net wrapped alfalfa from Schoovy remains until nursing does will need it.  

     What I have realized from this twine experience is that if I ever jump out of an airplane, I don’t want a parachute.  Just give me a big wad of used baler twine.  It will hang up on something on the way down and I will be fine.  

Stay warm.  Keep the animals dry.  Make sure they are all getting fresh water.  Have a good day.

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