What a day! I would rather have my head slammed in a sliding glass door rather than go through another day like I did today. I am highly capable of screwing stuff up on my own. I dang sure don’t need help from people I thought were friends. Never, ever, underestimate what other people will do or say. It will only cost you heartache, money and most importantly, time.

Lot #1 wether in the Duke’s Up online sale will not be offered for sale. He is no longer with us and, therefore, will not be offered for sale. He is free if somebody wants him. I also have to deal with a slight prolapse problem on Duke’s porcine project. The joys of livestock ownership.

On a good note, have had lots of new visitors to our place to look at goats. I do appreciate all of the calls, emails and visitors about the goats. I will gladly help if I can. Thanks.

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