We survived a marathon trip to Texas this weekend. Gallagher had a really good set of goats and they sold really well. It was perfect weather Saturday morning for a goat sale. It didn’t get hot until later. As soon as the sale was over we headed to Cooper’s. Didn’t think about it being Memorial Day weekend. Wow, it was a LONG line! But we waited. They actually moved through it pretty quick though. The meat and beans was good, as always. Saw some interesting biker outfits.

Saw a tremendous set of buck prospects at Helms. Wow, they are good. There is 8 or 9 bucks in that deal that could help anybodys program. If you like goats with a square hip, wide, full loin, shapely rack, big ribcage, big ass, impecable balance, good structure and a killer look than you will like these bucks. Well worth your time to go look at them. Or don’t. Either way, they are going to sell extremely well. Which is good, because then Kenneth can afford to get his road fixed. I guess his road has been rooted up by all the wild hogs around there.

We did meet several people that work for various agencies of the Texas law enforcement system. Both were very nice. One thought my dim lights were too bright. He also talked about all of the wild hogs in the Texas panhandle. I guess you only see them when it rains, which isn’t very often. The other officer thought that Big Bill might be having a medical emergency since he clocked him at 93 mph. And Bill didn’t even get a written warning. Wow! I’ve never gotten out of a ticket for driving that fast. I don’t know what kind of story Bill told but it must have been a good one.




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