Getting goats ready for a sale takes work.  Catch the goats, load the goats in the trailer, drive to Shattuck to Taylor’s heated barn (beings how it is May and below freezing), unload the goats and trim hooves.  That is pretty well where my work stopped.  At that point, Tyke and Big Bill went to shearing.  I watched and ran my mouth.  We have noticed over the years that little goat shearing goes way smoother if I don’t shear.  Everybody stays in a good mood and no clippers get broke.  A big thanks to Tyke and Bill for doing the work last night.  The interesting thing was that Tyke sheared 3 in the same amount of time that Bill sheared 2.  Tyke and the word FAST very rarely go in the same sentence, but he was a blaze of fire last night.

      Now, I will head to my work that pays the salary.  Then, as soon as the Dragon Lady gets off work, then I am going to Shattuck and loading those goats and a few extras.  Then we will drive to Garber and leave the goats with Schoovy.  TravASS and Braden will then take over doing my work for me and take the goats to Stephenville for the Pick your Poison sale that is Saturday.  Tammy, Duke and I will head on to Stillwater for graduation.  Which means that somebody else will be doing my chores at the house for me.  Lots of people doing my work for me.