Work Ethic

I get to listen to farmers/ranchers ask what is wrong with America?  Some will just ask, in passing,  as they are at the parts counter.  Others will come into my office, probably because they know that I will have an opinion.  Others just catch me at the quick stop.  I listen to the radio/some tv/read some internet crap/read magazines and this is a consistent question–What is wrong with America?  I’m not talking republicans or democrats, white or black, rich or poor looking, for an argument.  People just wondering, “How in the hell did we get here?”

I’m not a preacher, bible thumper, priest (although there was a time when my mom thought that I might want to be the Pope or at least be a cardinal.  Came up a little short of those lofty goals.)  However, I do like to think that I use some common sense in my day2day and when dealing with my offspring.  I understand that there are forces way more powerful and way better than me.  Watch the birth of an animal, rain, the look in some people’s eyes, etc.  You just know.  Some call it Faith.  

I truly believe that our problems are simple–Lack of WORK ETHIC, which may be directly tied to lack of faith.  Everybody wants it free, easy and NOW!!!  Doesn’t matter what we are talking about.  Everbody wants to win, even though they haven’t earned the right.  Everybody wants a piece of the cash pie, so they hire a lawyer who in turn has an in with a judge that didn’t earn the right to be a judge and was appointed by a politician whose parents had cash and used that influence to get jr. elected who now has influence on public doctrine even though there was no work ethic used to earn the right.  They didn’t earn it, so they don’t respect it.

  These aren’t my words, but the following words hold merit of consideration, regardless of religion or lack thereof,  “Consider that while the Torah required farmers to leave a portion of their crop for the poor, widows and orphans, God did not expect the farmer to deliver the produce to them (Ex 23:11; Lev 19:9-10; 23:22; Deut 24:19). In addition, justice for the poor in the Torah did not mean redistributing the wealth of the rich or giving favoritism to the poor, but simply that God’s absolute standard of justice would apply in all cases regardless of the status of the parties (Lev 19:15; Deut 1:16-17). The apostle Paul laid down the dictum, “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat” (2 Thess 3:10 NKJV).”  All of this makes sense to me.  Help when needed, but don’t just hand it to them.  Earn it.  Work for it. 

      Where else have we heard this?  How about the 4th paragraph of the FFA creed.  “I believe in less dependence on begging and more power in bargaining; in the life abundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so–for others as well as myself; in less need for charity and more of it when needed; in being happy myself and playing square with those whose happiness depends upon me.”  The bible, torah, GOD or JESUS are not mentioned by name, but it says the same thing as those scripture verses.

It’s simple!  Work.  Earn.  Be ready to help people that need help.  Don’t give it to them, but be quick to offer them the chance to earn it.  Once helped, pay it forward to help others.  Don’t beg for help, but earn the help.  Be honest with others.  

      This isn’t just some Kelln thoughts going sideways because I’m pissed at something or provoked because there was an icy beverage or 12.   On the contrary, I haven’t had to edit myself tonight.  This is for real.  

        Now how does all of this apply to the goat/show industry?  Showing isn’t a charity event.  Welfare does NOT apply here.  Earn the right–to judge, to win, to teach.  But always, be ready to help somebody else that has earned the right.   Help somebody with showmanship, feeding/exercising instructions, genetic selection, whatever.  It isn’t about the money or the wins.  It is about the journey to earn the right to win shows and/or money.  

    If you judge stock shows and are reading this and have to think about your past selections/transgressions; well, maybe you need to consider why we do this.  Judge it right.  Don’t just hand it to somebody because of a pre-arranged, buddy kind of deal.  Make them earn it.  If things don’t end well for me, I don’t want a stock show to determine whether I lived right or not.  I’m fine with another lavender colored banner.

Work hard. 

          Have fun.

Help somebody.

                Help somebody, do it right.

Help somebody have fun.  

If I can’t have fun, then I don’t want to do it.

Whatever it is that you are doing–work at it.  Don’t ask for it.  Don’t try to buy it.  Earn it!  Stock shows, sports & America.  Earn it!