Some people just know how to win.  Doesn’t matter if it is stock shows, sports, academics, music, business, etc.  Some people are just consistently successful.  Hard work, desire, luck (as in the harder you work, the luckier you get).  I’ve been sitting on this blog post for about a year.  I didn’t want to jinx anybody.

        Rewind, to March 2013 and I had a post about watching Lora Riley on tv playing basketball in the state championship game.  They lost.  Fast forward to now.  The Alva team was back on tv in the state finals.  This time they won.  But there was Lora on tv and now, also younger sister Ally on the screen.  Pretty cool deal.  

     For those of you new to the goat world or for those of you with short memories, the Riley girls were possibly the most dominant force in the OK goat world from 2008 or so to 2013.  Multiple grands at Woodward, res grands at Tulsa, OYE and State Fair, several bronze wethers at OYE and multiple division and class winners.  Let’s face it, these girls just git it done.  I think that they get this from their mother.  Last March after OYE, they literally walked away from showing.  They had the goal of winning a state basketball title.  Mission accomplished.  

      I wish that they were still showing goats.  I like competition and if you beat the Riley girls, then you did something.  The cool thing about their basketball team is that they are still young.  They could do it again.  Of course, the Riley girls still have time left to show again.  I would really like to be around for that comeback tour.  It would be fun.

      Like almost all winners, they know how to set a goal, work towards that goal, lose and come back harder to get to that goal.  The Riley’s know how to win, work and have fun.  I like it!

      On a high note around paradise, it rained here today.  Not enough to be measureable, but we heard thunder, rain on the metal barn and it smelled GOOD!  Real good!  We’ve got to prime the pump in order to improve our chances.  

      Speaking of chances, it’s Saturday night and maybe I have a chance.  If not, I’ll keep trying.  

Here’s to hard work, goals set, goals attained, horseshoes, shamrocks, luck, work ethic, desire, fun and a whole bunch of congrats to those people that just seem to always get it done.

   Two more days until the Kelln Personal Holiday.