I have and still am fighting a wicked sinus infection.  It isn’t a cold and thankfully is not the flu, but it has kicked my donkey like an OSU kicker kicks field goals in Bedlam overtime–Hard and good!  I haven’t missed work, any appointments, chores and I dang sure didn’t miss the Champions Choice Jackpot.

     The jackpot was held this past Saturday at Norman.  About 150 wethers and 125 does.  Way good set of livestock.  You had to have a good just to place.  This was an impressive show.  It was well ran and the payout was incredibly good.  This was the biggest and best Champions Choice show to date and I bet it gets better.

Slayton Strube judged the show and did a really nice job.  This young judge needs more opportunities to evaluate goats.  He was consistent, reasons matched the goats, easy to follow  and he was confident with his placings.  I’d like for Duke to get a chance to show under him.  OK, TX, GA, and KS were all represented.  I’m under-stating how good this show was.  Then it got better.  The pokes actually pulled off the Bedlam upset.  That’s always good.  

      It’s time to let the bucks see some action.  Might even have to remove the redshirt status from one and put him in a tick earlier than planned.  We get a bit of a reprieve before the next round of babies starting hitting the ground.

      Here’s to Okie State bedlam wins, good goat shows and deep breaths without a lot of snot involved.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  

Just Fred.