Why do we do this?

Showing animals is a unique endeavor. Kids are involved. It revolves around family. Some would argue and say it revolves around money, but I disagree. The money aspect is there, front and center; but it is about the kids and family. Some will spend more money to try to get a good one for their kids. Do I want to make money at this? You bet. But that is not why we do it.

We like helping kids and other families. Look at the mob of people that are around our pens at shows. It is parents and kids hanging out together, working together, getting large groups seated at restaurants together and hopefully, winning together. Our kids are friends and competitors. We have workouts at the house. I could find other things to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But it helps the kids get better and the parents learn. It would also be way easier to just gather goats for Duke. That wouldn’t take me very long. But I like going, seeing and helping.

I have two rules regarding showing livestock 1–If you can’t help a kid, then why do it. 2–If I can’t have fun while doing it, I’m out.


Which explains why I have traded/bartered/negotiated for cherry pies, chocolate chip cookies, tamales, salsa, etc. It isn’t always about money.

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