It’s gotten real serious around here.  Where to begin?  On Saturday, my friends Bill Taylor and Brandon Bruce assisted me in a trip to Carnegie, OK.  We took two 24′ gooseneck trailers.  We stopped at Schneberger’s and looked at goats.  Good set of goats.  NOTHING was for sale yet.  Yet being the key word.  If you aren’t in a good mood when talking to Jared, then something is wrong with you.  You clowns need to go visit this deal. Good goats, great kids(his kids are killer funny), just pure fun.  Helms has a story that you can’t make up and is just plain funny.  

     We then headed kind-of south of Carnegie.  We pulled those trailers into Teddy Harrison’s.  We didn’t pick up all 119 (how about that #?)  We picked up 75 open does.  I will go back and pick up the other 44 and their kids in the very near future.  When I heard that Teddy was going to sell out I was intrigued.  I called him and asked how many and how much?  He told me what he had in mind.  I said that I couldn’t be there until the next day.  I showed up, looked and then said, “How much for all of them?”  He asked, “Are you serious?”  I said, “I’ve been known to use large trailers to move large #s of goats before.  Yes.  It would just be easier.”  His reply, “Hell yeah! I wanted this but I will take this.”  My reply, “Can I leave them till the wheat pasture gives out?”  Teddy’s reply, “”Hell Yeah!  They ain’t costing me no money on pasture.”  Hand shake. (like all deals should go down) “Do you want a check now?”  “Hell no.  Pay me by the head as we load them.”  

     WTH?!  Kelln hates does.  Why would he want a 119 more beasts that he dislikes?  

       It’s simple math.  I can’t make more good kids without more good does.  I’ve got plenty of buck power, but needed more action for Dirt, Rumour and Rainman. Teddy has a strong doe base that is young and stacked with Hang 10 and No Way doe kids.  I’ve been watching what the Hang 10 females have been doing for Jared and Teddy.  These are some really good females.    This is a nice set of females that has a tick different genetic path than my current deal.  As an added bonus–there isn’t no BS with Teddy.  He has records on them, there isn’t a chance of him lying as far as genetics.  They are what they are.  I wish that Teddy wasn’t getting out of the livestock business, but things have changed where it wasn’t easy for him to take care of stuff.  I wasn’t looking to do it quite this way, but here we go.  When you see an opportunity, take a second to digest and then pull the trigger.  Oh and I can vouch for the fact that Teddy don’t jew.  He knew what his stuff was worth, he wasn’t out-of-line, and that’s what it was going to be. Done.  

     Now what about the kids?  As of this fine, effing WINDY Sunday Mother’s day, I have now agreed to buy them also.  Have I mentioned that it has gotten serious around here?  

     Study your genetic lessons.  Regardless of species.  Everybody is always looking for that bull, boar, ram or buck to make an immediate splash.  But sometimes, it’s like throwing a big rock into a deep pond.  There is a splash, but then after it subermerges, there is that bigger 2nd kerplunsh that shoots water up.  That’s what a female sire does.  Meyer 734 in the cattle world is the benchmark of a female sire.  Hang10 is proving to be a top shelf sire of females that will match up to 191 lines and WIN. I wanted…I got.  It may not work.  But I wouldn’t bet against it.

      We loaded 75 open does and headed north.  HUGE thanks to Brucey and Big Bill for helping me vaccinate and worm.  I don’t care if you are a coach, ag teacher, whatever the hell.  A person is only as good as their help.  And I’ve bragged on here about my help before, but like the classic Whitesnake song, “Here I go again”.  I’ve got the best help.  PERIOD.  I told Teddy that I brought some help.  If you don’t know him, well, he makes me look tall and I’m 5’9″.  He sat in his golf cart and he looked at Brandon, Bill and Jared ( all big boys–not fat bastards–just 6’+ and they haven’t seen 200lbs since jr. high)–“Damn, Kelln, do you need this much beef to back up that mouth of yours of just to get $h!t done?”  I just need stuff done.