Well, we got a white Christmas but I don’t think it is the kind that Bing Crosby used to sing about.  It is a miserable snow, no moisture to it, and it is coming in sideways at 50 mph.  The weather is not fit for man nor beast.  The wethers are wearing numerous layers (2 wool lined canvas blankets and another canvas blanket over the first two) and they are inside their boxes inside the barn.  It actually isn’t terrible bad if you are out of the wind.  That wind is BRUTAL!!  

     I put out plenty of hay for does yesterday.  Later today, Duke and I will make sure every animal gets a good drink.  A good drink of water will help keep an animal warmer.  It helps their system metabolize.  A lot of people overlook this.  

     Since it got real cold last evening, I’ve noticed neither of the bucks have bred anything.  I don’t know if this means that no does came in heat or if neither buck wants to take a chance of getting frost-bite on their tool.

     We’ve watched Christmas Vacation and a Christmas Story.  Mass was packed at Shattuck last night.  We made it to all of our family Christmass dinners.  Big Fun.  Remember why we have Christmas.  God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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