Where to start

      I feel like Ricky Bobby trying to do his first interview.  I just don’t know where to put my hands.  Here…maybe here.  Nothing feels quite right.  The keyboard feels a bit wonky.  

      Other than losing grandparents and a few others, for my age, I haven’t had to deal with many passings-on.  I’m not good at dealing with weddings or funerals. But it happens.  And I don’t like it.  When I get word of somebody’s passing, my mind immediately goes to happy thoughts of that person.  

     Luckily for me, I get to deal with some of the best young people that there are.  Duke, Bree, Chesley, Lexi, Chancery, Dalton, Sarah, Madison, Catherine, even Ashton.  If you want to get in a better mood, deal with some 10-18 year olds.  You’re attitude will get better.  We can talk about how things USED to be, but knowing these kids, things will get better.  Everyone of these kids are smarter than their parents.  I know the parents, therefore, I’m right.  

    I’m losing this fight with the keyboard.  I’m done.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.