Where to begin?

      What a day in this piece of paradise.  First of all, the weather was beautiful for a January day in NW OK.  Very little wind.  However, late tonight it is supposed to get butt-ass cold and windy as all hades.  

      Next topic, lots of calls/texts about the Okie Coalition.  All I am going to say at this point is that it is going to be good.  We’ll focus on this topic more at a later date.

      I have a whole new story that involves a goat, but I need to just leave it alone.  I swore that I would NOT blog about this topic.  But I did hear a story that the Governor Staats’ knows something about a black buck that has been in a goat breeding program. 

     I do have some bad news from the Kelln Kompound.  Verlin the dairy doe kidded this morning.  She had triplets.  Lost one little bitty dude.  The bad news is that one side of her udder is not working.  Have no fear about the twins that she has.  There is plenty of milk out of the one spigot.  However, I think her days of raising 17 babies in one year like she did in 2011 are a thing of the past.  I don’t know her exact age, and she can’t count or talk to tell me, but Verlin has earned the right to retire.  Her only fear at this point, is that somebody will confuse her color pattern and vertical horns with a deer.  

      Oh, then I get an email that says it is from Schoovy.  “He is stranded in the Phillipines and needs money wired to him.”  I texted and asked if he was in the Phillipines.  He responded, “Yes.  And if you are coming to get me, bring a goat box.  I think we can find a great one.”  

     Heard a new life lesson tonight that I really liked.  “Learn a lesson from your dog.  No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that shit and move on.”

     Speaking of dogs.  Tammy, Duke and I are dog-sitting another corgi for a day or two.  We gathered up a pup from the Bedwell’s for my Dad’s Christmas present.  This might be the best dog that I have been around.  JB is wide based, huge boned, wide skulled and cocky as all get out.  But, he is WAY laid back–like the DUDE abides kind of laid back.  He gives Ammo and Sasha fits when he is outside.  But, gladly chills out and kicks back when he is inside.  He knows how to behave.  I like an animal that looks the part, acts the part and doesn’t cause problems.  He looks good, acts good, is confident but not overbearing.  Plus, he hasn’t crapped on the floor.  So, he is one up on some of my friends.  

      Keep the stock warm.  Get layers of blankets on show does & wethers.  Make sure everything gets a good drink and has shelter.  The weathermen are pretty confident that it is going to get cold and windy.  But, there won’t be any moisture.