Where to begin?

Tammy is officially on vacation.  I need to get in the vacation state-of-mind….however, I am not yet at that point.  It is easier to just stay home and at work than it is to leave for a few days.  I think that I will be ready in a week or so.  But that is when school starts and that is not a vacation.  s

I guess President Trump made some tweets the past couple of days.  Personally, I wish that he would stay off of twitter.  But, I do not have a problem with what he tweeted.  That wasn’t racist.  It was correct.  The USA is, was and shall continue to be the best country on the planet.  If you don’t like it, leave.  Or don’t immigrate to the best nation EVER!

I watched some of the USA women’s soccer matches.  The blue haired chick did not make a blip on my screen.  I have no use for spoiled shit’s like her.  Her gender, her sexuality, her politics do not matter to me.  Her message was lost to me.  Respect the flag, respect the country that you are representing, respect the people that are paying you to play a “game”.  However, I do completely agree that the women’s soccer team should make as much or more than the men’s soccer team.  Plenty of sponsors are lining up to take care of that issue.  I still don’t like how she handled herself.

I am not a big Toby Keith fan.  But I like how he has handled being an American.  He played Trump’s, Obama’s and GW Bush’s inauguration party.  He plays USO tours.  He sees it as a duty.  I like that. Be a celebrity AND do a civic service.  If nothing else, he is gathering more fans to buy records, downloads and tickets.

I hated your president obama.  I hate how the media skews all things politics.  I like some things about Trump.  I also hate some things about Trump.  I love that he embraces being an American and is unapologetic about being an AMERICAN!   Democrat or Republican—I do not give two squirts of owl shit about either party. I just want Americans!

Maybe it is time for me to go on vacation as well.  Fishing, baseball and NO goats sounds like a vacation to me.

Peace out.

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