Where to begin?

       Tried like heck to leave work in time to make it to Duke’s baseball game(s) tonight.  Had several calls that said that they were on their way to look at the goats for sale.  I detoured quickly as the first one is a younger one that dang sure knows good livestock and I will always try to take care of a kid that is trying to forge their way in any facet of agriculture.  We might have even looked at a goat or two that aren’t on the regular tour.  

      Got ready to leave again and had another show up.  The cost of doing business, I guess.  Luckily, Shattuck won the 1st game without me.  Duke isn’t into swinging the bat.  He has a small strike zone, so he doesn’t have to.  He likes to be walked, steal 2nd, maybe 3rd and then head home on an overthrow.  Whatever works. He is having fun playing ball and is trying to get better, so his parents are all in.  I have a distinct feeling that there will be a baseball game for us to attend in California later this spring.

      I didn’t have internet service on my phone while at the ballpark, but I had a pretty good play-by-play announcer keeping me updated as to the online sales tonight.  Congrats to the Mock family on a heckuva sale.  Of course, I was more interested in the Rumour kids, but they all sold really well.  I like capitolism, therefore, I hope everybody in the chain of events makes money.  Helms sold us Rumour, we sold the semen, Peacock did the flush, Mock sold these goats and I hope the new owners make money whether they use them as bucks or wethers.  As Big I likes to say, “Brother, it’s all good!”  

      Speaking of selling semen, the Cooper girls benefit auction looks like it went really well.  I don’t yet know who bought the semen on our bucks tonight and I don’t care.  There are a lot of religions that do great work in humanitarian concerns.  But let me tell you something, the stock show community knows how to take care of their own.  We just get it.  You don’t have to know the people that need help, just that they need help.  Actually, if you stop and think about it, the livestock community can be pretty religious.  I guarantee you, it’s pretty hard to find somebody in this business that doesn’t respect GOD, JESUS and the star spangled banner, even if your president (not mine) doesn’t respect those things.  Sure, there are a few skid marks in this business, but as a whole, this industry is packed with really good people.  There were so many donations, that one online sale couldn’t handle it all.  There is still going to be live auctions.  Here’s a hats off and a bow to all who donated, bid, bought, prayed, organized, helped, whatever, to help the cause.  An absolute true humanitarian cause.  Thank you to all involved.  Lots of money has been raised, help has been there, but it will never replace their loss.  

      Here’s also to the end of a career of true livestock man.  20+ years in that profession can wear you down.  Tip of the cap to a job well done.  It’s a loss to the profession, but I would imagine that things will turn out well.  And we’ll pop a top when the schedule allows.  

      For those of you that have questions about the goats selling on April 1.  Call.  If I don’t answer, leave a message.  I will call back, but the time depends on work, phone signal and just trying to get through a day.  As Mandy tells me at work, sarcastically I might add, “I wish you would add one more thing to your daily schedule.”  Thankfully she helps me sort through the 8-5:30 stuff.  Of course, if I’m busy, I don’t get myself into much trouble.  

      And if you are calling/texting about the goats that aren’t for sale on April 1.  Don’t call/text yet.  They haven’t been born.  I know that I can be an ass, but it is kind of hard to answer the question “What are you doing with your April born kids?”  I guess I should answer, “Sell ’em, Show ’em or Breed ’em” but when they haven’t been born yet?  

       I don’t have a frosty tonight, or last night, but here’s to all of you that do right by others.  Hopefully, it will pay off when it actually matters.