Western Ok Doe Sale–TODAY!!

The doe sale is today. This is a really nice set of doe kids. Study the videos, call the breeders or call me or Milligan. Ask questions. There are some good ones in this deal.

Look at the bucks and the genetics that are backing these girls. Trust me, there has been a lot of miles, dollars, time, sweat, and cuss words used developing this set of genetics.

Rainman consistently had doe kids and wethers at the top end of their classes all year long at every show in OK this past year, including numerous premium sale wethers and trophy winning doe kids. RainTime is a Rainman son. Joe Dirt had wethers in the sale at Enid, Woodward and OYE in his first crop. This is the first offering of doe kids out of Fade2Black. They are really cool. Seelke’s are selling a pair of purebreds that will compete anywhere. Buy them, show them and then dump a wether type buck on them and make something. Or breed them pure if you want. Either way, it will work.

Ocho Cinco is a Goofy son on a Powell/Holman doe. Milligan bought him off the ranch. If you aren’t aware of the genetics that Milligan has been gathering, then you haven’t been paying much attention to the goat industry. That set of does needs to be studied. There might be a bonafide great one in there.

I had 7 doe kids out of this Dec/Jan set of kids. I kept one and she isn’t the best one, her momma had never had a doe kid before, so I’m keeping it. My best doe kids are in this sale. I’m probably not very smart for sellling these, but I don’t have the time for more does and I don’t have the room. So here you go.

This is a very good offering of doe kids. They will feed. They will get better with maturity. They will compete in the show ring and they have the genetics to produce good ones. You won’t be disappointed.


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