Saturday was typical at the store.  Hardly any activity until about 10:30 then people stacked in there until about 12:30.  That afternoon, Duke and I decided to worm, vaccinate and band a set of 5-6 weeks old.  I know that some like to band at 4 weeks and others like to wait until 8 weeks.  I kind of go with when the goats are ready, and at least 5 weeks old.  I do check the signs, but sometimes, that just doesn’t fit.

     On Sunday, I sorted some does to put with Rumour.  Somehow, out of nowhere, I got zapped on the forearm by a wasp.  Oh great.  Here we go again.  I finished that project and began another–cleaning out the upstairs part of the big red barn.  Decades of hay debris, rat turds and other crap that needed to go to a burn pit.  There is a small room in the corner of the barn that was orginally the cream seperator room when this barn served as a milking parlor.  I was on the roof of this room, throwing stuff down and sweeping the roof off.  Suddenly, crack, ouch, ooh, that kind of hurt.  The rafter that I was standing on broke.  On the way down, I caught my shoulder on the next rafter and slowed my descent.  Even though it hurts like hell, it is probably a good thing I caught myself as I probably would have broke the floor and ended up in the basement of the barn.  

     Anyways, the barn is clean.  Rumour should see some action this week and the weekend is over.  Have a good day.