We loaded up Friday evening and went back to Woodward.  We drove through Crystal Christmas.  It is a really neat Christmas light show at Crystal Beach Park in Woodward.  After that we went to a Mexican joint and ate.  Then Tammy decided she needed a few items at walmart.  I didn’t want to go, but I decided to make the best of it.

      Duke and I headed for the legos.  Duke marveled at all of the different legos and I would stop other shoppers and ask them where the edible crayons were at?  Which markers have a stronger sniff?  I didn’t test drive any bicycles and I noticed that they no longer have the employee phones that used to be strategically located around the store.  I picked up a Stripes dvd in the electronics deparment and tossed it on the checkout counter with some lady’s stuff and told the clerk, “Put it on her tab.  She won’t notice with all the stuff she is already buying.”  Fortunately, the lady buying all this stuff had a good sense of humour.  She laughed and handed me the dvd.  We made a few jokes about last minute Christmas shopping at walmart.  The cashier didn’t have much of a sense of humour.  

     I headed towards the check out lines.  You know, the 56 check out lanes, alternately staggered, with each line having 8-15 joyful people waiting their turn to hand their card/check/cash to some person holding down a register that wished that they were somewhere else other than working at walmart.  The Dragon Lady was checking out, so I walked up and asked the checker where I could find the penguin meat?  The checker went into lock down mode.  A husband standing in line was like “WTH? Penguin meat?”  And Tammy shut me down and sent me to the car.  It was fun while it lasted.  That place was packed full of people in a miserable mood.  

     Saturday was the Dragon Lady’s birthday.  So the four of us loaded up and went to Canadian, Texas.  We stopped into a furniture/imports/crap store in downtown Canadian.  I tried to buy three pictures.  Two Lonesome Dove pictures and a Tombstone picture.  They wanted $59 apiece.  I offered $150 for all three.  Of course, the lady working couldn’t make that decision, so I told her to call somebody that could if they wanted to sell something this evening.  They wouldn’t budge a dollar.  So, I didn’t buy any pictures.  They didn’t even want to try to play.  

     We then went to the Cattle Exchange to eat.  If you haven’t been there, it is worth the trip.  You order when you walk in, then sit down.  You will probably have to wait for a table.  It is always a busy place.  Good bread, good salads, good steaks and really good bread pudding.  Tammy had the stuffed grilled shrimp.  Bacon wrapped shrimp with a slice of jalapeno and then mesquite grilled.  They were tasty.

     Back in the goat world, Fade2Black and Rumour Has It are enjoying life right now.  Fade is losing weight as he doesn’t want to eat, just screw.  I vaguely, but fondly, remember times like that.  Rumour gets the ladies brought to him—one or two at a time.  Hhmm?  These bucks have a better life than me.  

     It is time to get cleaned up and head to the in-laws for their family gathering there.       

     Oh, by the way, it is December 23rd.  Happy Festivus!!  It’s a festivus for the rest-of-us!  We might have to have an airing of grievances, a Festivus dinner and then the Feats of Strenth at the Kelln Kompound later this evening.  At worst, maybe at best, we will just watch that Seinfeld episode and have an egg nog.

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