There was a very good goat show in Norman on Saturday. Thanks to the breeders that put this show on. It was very well ran and very exhibitor friendly. The quality was very deep thoughout the wether show. There were a lot of OYE premium sale wethers at this show. Classes were very good. I thought Marty Gibbs did a very consistent job of lining goats up. Whether I agree with every placing doesn’t matter, I could follow him and he lined wethers up consistent with how he has done it at past shows. That is what a judge should do. The doe show was very tough. Not as many numbers, but a ton of quality.

Anybody that has a goat from these breeders is crazy for not taking them to this show. One it pays good. Two, the competition was very good. Three, it is December and there is a lot of time between now and your local/county shows. Shouldn’t be any excuses.

Mikey introduced us to a new Mexican restaurant in Norman. Very good eating. Duke didn’t want any part of the cerviche. He tried it in Costa Rica and he is done with it. Thompson and I will normally point the way to a dang good eating establishment and he didn’t let us down this time. Our crew has a tradition that winner buys. Well Duke and I haven’t had to buy much this fall. Taylor bought Friday night at Saltgrass and Schoovy bought Mexican.

We listened to the first quarter of the game on the radio coming home. Got goats unloaded and chores done, then made it in to watch the rest of the game. Big win. Kela sent us some video of the final seconds before they jumped the wall, stormed the field and brought the goal posts down. I’m a little jealous. There wasn’t any big wins in Stillwater during my tenure there.

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