I’ve been a little busy the past four or five days and didn’t get time to dispense quality info on this little blog deal. Had the honor of judging a PI opening ceremonies contest last thursday evening. They had two very good judges to offset me. The top end of this contest was very good. Close call on the top couple of teams. Hopefully, the team from Garber will do very well at the state contest. They have an impressive set of speakers on this team.

Dragon Lady went to Stillwater on Friday to go do the walk around deal with Kela. Duke and I stayed home and worked show animals. We weighed and walked hogs, then watched the Cardinals win the world series. Duke and I got up Sat. morning and met Ronnie Swigart in town. We then made it to Stillwater for Homecoming. We had a rather large time. This was the first time all season that I thought the Pokes looked like a top 5 team. Either that, or Baylor still sucks. Kela’s sorority won all of the homecoming crap. She was excited. I’m glad that our money is at least being used to win something that won’t matter on a resume. Hmm.. kind of like showing.

I’ve been amazed at how many people have called the past couple of days wanting to know when OYE nominations are due. 1–I thought everybody had access to the internet. 2–I would have thought that ag teachers would have been ordering nomination kits before now. 3–In case you don’t know, nominations are due Nov. 3. 4–No, we don’t have any extras. I do still have some goats at the house that are waiting to go to their new homes before Nov. 3. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

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