Week 3

     I am now going on the third week since I pulled a muscle.  This muscle strain has affected me.  It’s not that I jogged or ran on a daily basis.  But I run from time to time from one pen to the next, or run to catch a goat or if I need the does gathered, I used to run out and run them into the corral.  But not lately.  I can’t.  It hurts.  Hurts bad.  

      It isn’t a hamstring, but is like the muscle on top of where your hamstring hooks up at the top, right in the middle of my right ass cheek.  I can walk, stroll or meander but if I try to hurry up….OWWW!!!   

      As a result, I am getting fatter.  My diet hasn’t changed, my habits haven’t gotten any worse, but I have gotten fatter.  The past week has become noticeable as most of my camo shorts have became harder to button.  I need to get this cheek muscle healed up before I have to buy new shorts or pants.  

     Now here is the real dilemma.  What happens if I get to the zoo this upcoming week and they tell me, “If you can catch that penguin, then you can grill it and eat it.”?    I’ll tell you what will happen…I’ll walk with a limp for the rest of my life as I will NOT miss an opportunity and I WILL catch said penguin.  Pain be damned.  

     Here’s to hoping that week 4 brings a healed butt muscle.

p.s.  Last night, I wrote a wicked good post about “dirty pool”.  It was so good that I woke up about 3:47 am thinking about what I needed to add to that post.  That means that I missed part of a Law & Order:SVU episode.  I didn’t name names or anything like that, just good old stuff to think about before you do something stupid and sign on with the devil just to win a banner.  Nothing more than considering the collateral damage of winning at all costs.  

      Well, I wear glasses because my right eye is 9 times kind of screwed (bad decisions back in the 80s–I wasn’t afraid of a fight.  Won some, but not all. Some that I won, weren’t exactly winners either.  And for some reason, my right eye always caught the punch, kick, full can, remote controlled airplane propeller, etc.)  That being said, I have a really good left eye 20/20.  My right eye—hhnunnh–more like 20/300 without glasses.  Normally, I put the glasses on to go to the computer.  Not this morning.  So when I went to blog entry management, I had to click on a button–there are two of them–EDIT or DELETE.  Guess what?  DELETE is on the right.  I thought I was clicking on EDIT.  Nope, I deleted a 1,200 word post that everybody that shows livestock needed to see.  But, it is gone. Like a fart in the wind.   Kind of like Hee Haw—–And Thhhighttt  she was gone.  

       The moral of the story, if I am looking at your goat, make sure I have glasses on my face.  Or at least one of those creepy monocles on my right eye.  Or better yet, a pirate patch on my right eye that has a built-in monocle in the patch.  Yeah, with a parrot on my shoulder.  While wearing a kilt.  And if this butt muscle doesn’t heal up, I’ll get a peg leg.  Wait?  How the H did we get here?  

     Have a good evening and a better tomorrow.  I’m one day closer to seeing my favorite daughter.