Yesterday’s post about legends in Waynoka is true. It is amazing how many successful livestock people have come from Waynoka. The cattle history around there is unreal. Bixler’s, both Redgate families and Jerry Nickelson are well known. Eggleston’s used to raise some of the best show steers around. Gosney’s and Shanks’ have been known to raise some good cattle. Mac and Adrian Devilbiss have Waynoka roots. A pair of the biggest sheep legends originated in Waynoka–Ritson and Kenny Urban. The Hill family has shown many a good sheep and used to drive some good barrows. Chelsea Head might have won a sheep show or two also.

There has been many champion show pigs raised and shown in Waynoka. The Goz, Gary Gum, Bouziden’s, Darrel Hull jr., Ferguson’s, Larry Copenhaver, Mark Nickelson and Monte Sharp have all raised and shown some tremendous swine exhibits. There was a four year period when Mitchell Bouziden raised breed champions at OYE, Tulsa, OK State Fair, Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Not to mention that Litzenbergers raised many a good hog.

It was Waynoka that really stepped up the wether goat showing industry in Oklahoma. Kela, Danielle Litzenberger and Kourtney Childers won half the classes at the first Tulsa State Fair wether show. Of course, Kela and Danielle added several wins after that and Kourtney stuck to showing pigs. And there have been a lot of champion Waynoka goats since.

Let’s not forget that Waynoka is home to the most successful group of Cock Jocks. Waynoka has had more grand and reserve grand chicken champs at Tulsa than any other chapter. The Meriwether family even had grand and reserve grand the same year a couple of years ago.

The list of ag teachers that taught at Waynoka is impressive. Tim Herren, Galen McCune, R.A. Devore and Allan Poe are well known in the livestock industry. The accomplishments of the FFA chapter over the past 50 years is very diverse, impressive and consistent. Families such as the Fergusons, Zooks, Egglestons, Bixlers, Redgates, Bradfords, Clappers, Meriwethers, Whipples, Crissups, Hutchisons, Walkers, etc. have won numerous state speaking awards, judging contests, proficiency awards, state fair exhibits, etc, etc.

And if you are going to talk Waynoka, then you have to mention the Freds. Fred Slater and Fred Urban. Two of the funniest and most devious people that you will ever meet near a show ring. You will have a large time when either of those two LARGE characters are present.

Not bad for a town that is known more for sand dunes.

Well, the sun is peaking out which means I can leave. I’m pulling a trailer that I can’t get the lights to work on, so I had some spare time. Later on, I’ll pick another small town and extoll on its virtues. Maybe, Bouse Junction.

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