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Watch the video link.  Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope.


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      This turned out to be a neat deal.  Britt Taylor was actually the first one in Shattuck to say “I’m donating my pigs to the Diamond Hats for the food bank.”  Then it kind of starting snowballing and a pile of Shattuck kids donated their animals to the food bank.  I knew that you could donate pigs and calves.  But I didn’t know that you could donate goats or sheep.  Well, the kids found out that you can.  It is my exeperience that kids will normally do the right thing when given the opportunity.  This is a program that could be adopted at ALL state and national shows.  It also puts the stock show industry in a positive light.  

     There are a lot of things to take from this video.  First, this is a stellar program.  Second, I’m pretty pleased with how Duke handled himself on camera.  We are all aware that I am a big fan of public speaking.  Maybe, there is a chance we can have some fun in his FFA career.  Third, the wether that Duke is showing in this video is the res. div. 3 wether at 2013 OYE.  I’m still trying to figure out how this goat got beat.  “Brick” was, in my opinion, one of the very best wethers that I have seen.  But I guess that I am wrong since he was reserve grand at the State Fair of OK, 2nd in class at Lone Star Elite, res. div. 2 at Woodward District and res. div. 3 at OYE.  Good career, but not what I thought he was capable of.  I’ve been wrong before, and I am sure that I will be wrong again.


     Other shows need to take a look at this program and see what they can do to help their area food bank.  

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