Wandom Wednesday

No, I’m not making fun of hair lips.  However, I do have a story that involves showing wabbits.  But, that is for another time.

I mowed the ag farm this afternoon, then came home and piled into the garden.  For the 2nd night in a row, I picked a couple of 5 gallon buckets of sweet corn.  Between the grasshoppers, piss ants and wasps, I have had enough insect damage to make me wish that I would have used more chemicals.   Then I shucked, cleaned and bagged it.  It was getting close to dark when I finished.  I was hot, sweaty and kind of dirty.  So, I decided to pile into the Dragon Lady’s little blue yard pool.

I’ve been in that thing about every day.  It’s not big enough to really swim in it but I can kind of go in circles.  I now know what those fighting betta fish feel like.  Just a singular being in a small container of water, swimming in circles, getting nowhere fast.

Speaking of aquariums, is that still a thing?  I remember when TG&Y, maybe Gibson’s, wal mart and a few local places used to sell aquariums, fish and all the fixings.  I guess some goldfish in a stock tank will have to suffice.

Why isn’t all goat semen guaranteed to be of high motility?  REI and other reputable firms won’t freeze anything unless it is of acceptable quality.  Why don’t all the Texans guarantee that high $ stuff?  Just sayin’.  I’ve purchased several straws and sent pictures of the lab tech’s screen shot of 25% motility.  Crickets.  No reply.  Pretty sure it isn’t just me.  I probably should have been more demanding, maybe put the stuff on social media.  I didn’t.  I knew that I was taking a risk, but…..It’s hard enough to get goats settled via AI when all conditions are proper.  The motility needs to be at least 50% (preferably higher) in order to have a decent chance of conception.  Yes, I realize that how it is handled can affect it.  But, when I can pull 9 year old straws out of the same tank and go 3 for 3.  And 2 for 2 on five year old straws.  As compared to 0 for 10 from the other stuff.  All on the same day.  Doesn’t seem very wandom.

It’s tough raising June born goats during this heat.  It’s even tougher when most of the momma’s are 1st timers.  Wicked combination.  Maybe not my smartest breeding decision.  We will see.

Peace out!   Stay cool.



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