This facebook deal is absolutely retarded.  I don’t have a clue what I am doing and I don’t enjoy doing something that I don’t know what I am doing.  I don’t like the website fundamentals of facebook, but the software is OBVIOUSLY scary effective.  How the heck does it know to list me to all of these people?  I will gladly buy a goat from the first goat breeder that “accepted” me.  And, well hell, that was quick, we already have a winner.  I’ll send Tyke and a gooseneck.  Just hold the check for a day or two.  

      I’m still looking for the button to click “This is what I ate for dinner” or “I shouldn’t post this but…”


     RUSM?  I just “friended” the Gambler holding TWIN grandbabies.  I don’t know what the heck I am doing.  It isn’t comfortable.  But, I bet we figure it out.  If Kenny Rogers can do it, surely I can figure it out.  

Oh, WOW!  I just got accepted as a friend of Tammy Kelln.  YES!   We’re friends.  Wait a second!  WTF?  She told me that she was asleep and to leaver her alone.  Is there an auto-approve deal on facebook?  Hhmm!?  Thwarted, once again. Maybe this deal has alterior uses.  

      If the goat pics I posted are up, well it’s like Tony the Tiger–GREAT!!   Remember him?

Tag 1421 needs to be seen in real life.  No blog, facebook or pics can do him justice.  This goat is bad ass.  If there is a pic of Bill near a goat’s b-hole, I apologize.  Brooke made him do it.  

     Tomorrow is hump day.  So  it has to be better.  The Milligan’s are getting ready to come home with Grayson, so it is all getting better.  My heart goes out to those girls that lost their parents last week.  When facebook is the worst thing that I am dealing with, well, life could be worse.  Say a prayer or two or more for those girls and we will talk more later about the upcoming online benefit auction.  

      Wait a second…wait….RUSM?! It seems that I am now friends with Slash.  Maybe I will quit my day job and start touring.  Hhmm.  Probably not a healthy endeavor.  Wait…Wait…I just took a look  at my tax returns and cancelled checks from 2013.   I’m pretty sure that almost every endeavor is better financially than a stock show program–other than a drug or alcohol addiction.  I can write off a stock show addiction.  The other, I don’t think so.  Now, the price of having a kid active in a productive event such as stock shows–PRICELESS!!  Our family is working up to solid Cs for a very attainable goal.  Although not the desired GPA, i’m not worried about this kid becoming a productive citizen.  He will be fine.