I think in today’s info-overloaded society, we quickly over-rate to many things.  We want it right now.  We don’t always give credit to somebody that can stay at it year after year.  We always want the hottest new thing.  Livestock showing is a prime example.  We all want the hottest new genetics or want to go to the breeder that won the big show last year.  In reality, we are better off to deal with somebody that is in the hunt year after year after year.  Even if they didn’t win, they still give you the highest percentage to be in the hunt to win.  

     I look around this show goat deal and there aren’t very many left that were in this game when we started messing with goats over a decade ago.  There has been some major changes.  Some improved, some went by the way side, some haven’t improved at all and a few have been in the hunt, either showing or breeding goats, the whole time.  

      As you all know, I like to listen to a wide variety of tunes.  iTunes, iPod, XM or just shove a CD in and crank it.  I listen to a lot of bluecollarcomedy on the XM radio.  Jeff Foxworthy basically owns and operates this channel.  We all know who Foxworthy is.  He has been doing this gig since the late 80s.  He got big in the early 90s and two decades later, he’s still doing it.  He has been the foundation for most of today’s star comedians–Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Kathleen Madigan, etc, etc. I have loved listening to Foxworthy since I first heard the “You might be a redneck if…” back in about ’93.  He’s still doing it.  He’s clean enough that the kids can listen but has such an innuendo about him that even some filthy minded old fart like me gets it and loves it.  I laugh harder at Ron White.  Even though Foxworthy is one of the biggest comedians of all time, I think that he is under-rated.  He developed a never-ending form of comedy.  He can play to all ages, sexes, religions, etc.  He doesn’t ever cross the line to make you mad.  He just makes you get in a good mood.  You read about the top comedians of all time and they list Carlin, Pryor, Bruce because those dudes were SO edgy.  Foxworthy has done it for decades, made others better, opened doors for other comedians to get their big break and then he decided to start that tour, then the radio deal.  The guy is a genius–comedic and business.  He is truly under-rated.  

     I got to burning up some pavement earlier today going to look at a possible trade-in or two and one of my favorite bands was on Hairnation on the XM radio.   Tesla.  I like me some Tesla.  They came up during the hair band rage of the late 80s, but those dudes could play and their songs had merit.  25 years later, I still like them a lot.  They never had that big commercial hit, but they were a killer good rock band.  They were the kind of band that the big name stars were listening to back in the day.  

       There are several other bands that had staying power but they aren’t as well recognized as others.  Bands like Cheap Trick, Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band and Heart.  All of those bands could play, had a wide reprotoire of music and did it for a long time.  Neil Diamon is another artist that I like that has stood the test of time.  He was a big star back in the 70s, but his stuff has held up.  Cinderella and Ratt were two dang sure “Hair” bands from the 80s.  But they could play.  They weren’t some fake, produced crap just for MTV.  Their music was legit. 

       I think there is a country star that gets overlooked a lot.  I really like Johnny Lee.  He has some huge hits with “Lookin’ for love” and the “Yellow Rose of Texas”.  Those are some of my favorite songs.  You get to listening to his stuff and you will know a pile of his stuff.  He was good.  Real good.  On a side note, I absolutely loved the Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat on SNL.  Buckwheat sings the hits–“Wookin Pa Nub in all da wong paces”  still brings me to tears just thinking about it.  

       Now, you may be wondering, who does Kelln think is the most under-rated music artist of all-time.  Well.  I have an answer/opinion.  The most under-rated musical artist of all-time is one of the biggest names in all of music history.  The king of this list is…..




the king—Elvis Presley.  What!?  How in the heck can you have Elvis on an under-rated list?  I can find numerous lists that DO NOT rank him as the #1 rock artist, or the #1 entertainer or the #1 music icon of all time.  This dude took rock music to a whole new level.  He is one of the best known GOSPEL artists of all time.  He charted top hits on the country charts.  Top hits on the blues list.  He is the original “rock star”.  He played massive concerts, used TV to propel his fame, then took several years off to serve in the military.  There isn’t any big artist nowadays that would suspend their career to serve their country.  Then he used Vegas to come back again.  His music from the 50s is still relevant today.  Kids today know who Elvis is.  There hasn’t been a star as big as Elvis and probably won’t.  

       I’ve seen a list that ranks Oprah ahead of Elvis as a cultural icon.  I saw another list that ranked Led Zeppelin as a bigger rock act.  There is another list that has Michael Jackson and Madonna ranked higher as an entertainer.  None of those even have a career without Elvis.  If he isn’t #1 on a list, well then he is under-rated.   

      So, go crank up some “Kentucky Rain” or “Suspicious Minds”  or if you think that there is a chance tonight,  sing some “Can’t help falling in love” and see if that pays off for you.  Good luck.  

And if you ever decide to name a goat Elvis, he better be good.  Real good.