I started the day checking the kidding barn.  Still slow.  Then fed the stock.  I then plugged the ear buds into the iTunes and headed to Shattuck.  I’ve watered the greenhouse, fixed waterers at the ag farm, then dug up a water line at home and trimmed hooves, looked at goats and the usual, all while listening to great tunes.  Basically, I’ve had a really good day getting stuff done while dealing with top shelf livestock and even better people.  And I’ve listened to a bunch of songs that you just don’t hear on the radio, but they are killer good.  Some might call these tunes under-rated.  Some are obscure. While others are all time greats, but I still think that they are under-rated.  

Warrant–Uncle Tom’s Cabin–great use of a 12 string guitar with a story line and who knew these clowns could actually play.  Cool song and video.

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band–Little Drummer Boy–this is one of my all time favorite songs.  I like lots of versions of this song, but Bob Seger absolutely brings emotion, soul and feeling to this classic.  I can listen to this song any month of the year.

Avenged Sevenfold–Strength of the World–this band brings the big amps with a pair of twin guitars, big beats, killer bass and a wicked vocal.  You better have a bit of time as this song clocks in over 9 minutes.  But it works.  

Metallica S&M–Hero of the Day–Yes, the heavy metal lords combined with a symphony orchestra seemed a bit wierd but made for a way good CD.  And the best song from that collaboration was “Hero of the Day”.  This is a classic under-rated tune.

Charlie Daniel’s Band–The Devil went down to Georgia”–Yes, everybody knows this song and it is an all-time great song.  Yet, you never see it on a top 10 countdown.  Why not?  Country fans love it.  Rock fans dig it.  Everybody taps a toe and knows the words to this little ditty, but it is still under-rated.  

Guns N Roses–Rocket Queen–it is literally the left-over song off of one the greatest rock albums ever made.  But it rocks.  Great guitars, beat, vocals.  Too bad this band couldn’t keep their crap together as they were as good as any of them.  

Oak Ridge Boys–Lucky Moon–This band has a recognizable sound and a pile of big hits.  Lucky Moon was one of their last ones and one that I still like to hear.  As they are considered classics now, you just hear the usual “Elvira” and “Bobbie Sue” but “Lucky Moon” was a great song.

Waylon Jennings–Lonesome, Onery & Mean–RUSM?!  Waylon on an under-rated list?  Yes.  This song should be considered a classic, but you never see it listed on any top whatever lists.  I love this song.  Outlaw country–hear you go.  

Elvis Presley–Kentucky Rain–here’s another that shouldn’t be listed on here, but this song never gets it’s fair shake.  Great song by the KING!

George Strait–Blame it on Mexico–Here we go again–this song gets lost in the shuffle of all 60 some #1s by King George, but this is a great one.  

Tesla–Lady Luck–One of my favorite bands and also one of the most under-rated bands of all time.  They got lumped into the hair band days, but these dudes could play.  This song brings it.  The louder it’s played, the better it gets.  If it’s too loud, then you’re too old!  

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band–Fishing in the Dark–Yes, a great song, but one that seems to get lost in the shuffle.  It is a mid 80s tune, but it still sounds good.  Catchy, witty and I would imagine could still be put to proper use, if need be.  No need to re-make it as they did it right. 

Def Leppard–Hysteria–One of the biggest selling albums of all-time was “Hysteria”, yet Def Leppard did not release the title track.  They were sure of it being a hit, so they saved it.  But they pumped so many other hits off that album, they never needed to release the title track.  Thus, this is a hugely under-rated song.  

Vince Gill–Cinderalla–This was his first hit song and in my opinion, still his best.  I was driving a 4020 John Deere tractor pulling a 3 bottom moldboard plow on some summer-fallow ground for Melvin Helfenbein in May 1987 when I first heard this song.  It was a cabbed 4020, but the water cooler didn’t work.  The doors were held open by vise grips to allow some air flow.  Luckily, it had an FM radio.  Obviously, I remember this song and still like it.  

Frank Sinatra–I did it my way–Huge song, but still under-rated.  This is one that I am afraid that is getting lost to the younger generations.  Yet, it is still timely.  And always will be.  

And the under-rated diddy of the day–a pile of songs by RATT, but mainly “Way Cool Jr.”.  Yes, another 80s hair band, but these cats (catch the pun) could play.  And one of my secret joys of my little life has always been to get within radio signal of the KATT–rock 100.5 in OKC.  And back in the day when Greg Zoobeck would play some “RATT-A-TATT-TATT on the KATT-A-KATT-KATT”, just always put me in a little bit better mood.  

P.S.  Back in the early 90s, while stationed in Stillwater (WHEW, those were good days), I had a good friend/room-mate that liked to argue with me on various topics.  We still do this, although normally via phone, texts, emails and once a year or so in person.  He used to dog on RATT.  But then we sat and had a beverage and watched MTV’s “Unplugged”.  Remember when MTV actually had music and killer good programs?  RATT did an episode of “Unplugged” and they were good.  No amps, synths, just all acoustic instruments.  Better than I expected.  Schoenhals watched, listened and then agreed, that yes, those cats could play.  

Although, I’ve just been pounding the keyboard regarding some songs, we all have items in our everyday life that are under-rated, but they make each day brighter.  A doe that delivers un-assisted.  Telling stories at the dinner table with your brothers and your dad filling in the gaps of some crap that happened almost 30 years ago.  Not having to break ice.  Watching your nieces and nephew around your own house while Duke tries to avoid said nieces and nephew in his own house.  Hooves on a show goat that don’t need corrective work.  Or just good people with good goats.  And in the words of Bruce Almighty–“It’s Good.”