I have been feeling a little uncomfortable the past few days.  This weekend was wicked cold.  Of course, this would be a perfect time for a heater to quit working.  We called a guy Saturday afternoon, but he didn’t make it.  By Sunday afternoon, it was really getting cold and I was worried about pipes. We went to calling more people.  Then, I thought, heck, we’ve got a fireplace.  It is a a gas fireplace and it hadn’t been lit in years.  It has now.  Shortly after firing that fire up, a repairman showed up.  A corroded heat sensor diagnosed and fixed and we were back to being comfortable.  

      On Saturday afternoon, Tammy said that she was going to Woodward to watch some kids show their pigs at a jackpot show.  Since, it was miserable outside and I didn’t have anything else scheduled I decided to go along.  This was a first for me and it was a little uncomfortable.  I had never been to a livestock show as a spectator.  I have been to thousands of shows but it was as a showman, ag teacher, parent, judge.  I really didn’t know what to do or how to act.  Basically, I was pretty much bored.

    By Monday afternoon, I was beginning to feel real uncomfortable.  You know, that feeling when your body starts to ache, your skin doesn’t seem to fit right and your eyes start to feel like they are swelling up.  Yep, I was getting sick.  No gut problems, just that achy, chilling, don’t cough because your eyes will explode kind of sick.  Monday evening, I took some kind of alka seltzer flu meds.  So, for the next 12 hours, I rolled in and out of consciousness every 15 minutes or so.  Which was fine, except that every time I woke up during the BCS game, a different team had the lead.  

     I don’t get sick very often.  I attribute this to the Eskimo Joe’s glass of orange juice EVERY morning for the past several decades (except one Sunday morning in 2009 near Noble, OK because somebody didn’t have any at their house and the closest quick stop didn’t have any orange juice).  Another reason that I don’t get sick very often is that I drink gallons of tea–lots of anti-oxidant benefits.  Plus, there are natural probiotic benefits of an “occasional” frosty beverage.  I also have a very strict exercise program which consists of getting out of bed, or off the couch every morning.  

     I did stumble into work this morning, took care of paperwork and then after about 5 hours, my head started to explode and I headed back here to the couch.  

     Speaking of uncomfortable, Duke and I moved some does into the barn.  They are due this weekend.  Man alive, those chicks look and sound uncomfortable.