I was checking animals with the gator this evening.  The spotlight was on.  I was possibly guilty of shining the spotlight towards the blacktop a 1/2 mile to the west.  There may or may not have been a moving vehicle.  I also may or may not have shined it to the south looking for eye-shine from a coyote.  There may have been a moving vehicle headed west on the blacktop a 1/2 mile south.  I’m not sure how far this spotlight shines.  

     About 15 minutes later, I was on the south side of the big barn measuring some panels.  I noticed a light in the air, coming directly at me from the southwest.  The spotlight was on, but shining at the ground.  I watched the light approach me.  It was fairly low flying.  I shut the iPod off and took the speakers out of my ears.  No sound.  It was not moving very fast for a flying object.  Maybe 70 or 80.  Basically, medical helicopter speed, but without the sound.  Of course, I’m thinking the sheriff/game ranger has a small plane and looking for the spot light.  Check list–1) no guns with me 2) get rid of open container 3) don’t touch the remote to the spot light and dang sure don’t shine it at the flying object.  

     I watched this thing fly directly over me, with no sound.  It continued on a path towards the northeast, not changing direction, altitude or speed and only one light in the front and two in the back.  It was several miles past me before I could hear any engine sounds.  If I would have been drunk, smoking a cigarette, missing teeth, while wearing a wife beater shirt and a “My Balls Itch” cap, then I could have been on the news or at least some reality show getting interviewed about the UFO that I witnessed. 

      After watching this UFO fly off towards Woodward, I noticed something flying from the East and another something coming from the south east.  Both of those were airplanes.  I don’t know what I saw.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an alien ship.  It might have had a sasquatch for a pilot.  Maybe, I better go count the goats and make sure they are all accounted for.  There might have been a goat abduction by aliens.  

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