Turtle Pancakes

     No, they aren’t made out of turtles.  They are pancakes made to look like a turtle.  One big dollop of batter to make the body/shell, 4 feet, a head and a tail.  They look like turtles.  My Grandma Schneider always made us turtle pancakes.  

     Anytime there was a big event, Grandma made turtle pancakes for the kids.  For example, when I was a junior in high school, I had to take the ACT test.  My cousin Jeff was the same age, so she had us spend the night so that we couldn’t be in to our usual Friday night mischief.  Saturday morning arrived, we were well rested and well fed with a breakfast consisting of turtle pancakes, eggs & bacon.  Jeff and I headed off to take the mighty ACT test.  Of course, this was back in the day when you took the test once, didn’t have tutors for it and actually weren’t very prepared.  It was an actual test.  We both scored very well.  Not because we were smart, but because we were fueled on Grandma’s turtle pancakes.  

     Today, we ate turtle pancakes.  The Dragon Lady cooked turtle pancakes, bacon and eggs.  Then, Kela and her best bud, Tara Burchfield left for LA.  Yes, that LA.  The one on the west coast.  Cars packed, walkie talkies charged, tanks full, pockets full of optimisim and heads full of hopes, dreams and goals.  They headed west for Flagstaff tonight, sunrise at the Grand Canyon Sunday morning and LA Sunday night.  An event like this, and you better be fueled on a turtle pancake.  

Sasha, the corgi, knew something was up as she repeatedly jumped into Kela’s jeep everytime the door was opened.  Speaking of dogs, Duke has been whining that he doesn’t have his own dog.  I told him that he could claim GARP the guard dog as his, but that didn’t fit what he had in mind.  So, he and I are headed to texas this afternoon to go pick his new puppy up.  Sasha is going to be pissed.

     Oh, to be young and unattached.  No job, a sorority sister with an empty bedroom to stay in for awhile, and a long damn way from home.  It will either work or it won’t.  If it doesn’t, we will wish that it would have.  I bet it does work out for them.  One thing about it, I’m pretty sure her mom will cook turtle pancakes for her anytime she wants to come home.