Tuesday morning

     We actually got a rain this past weekend.  Got an 1 1/2″ of rain early Saturday morning.  Good rain that soaked in.  Some places near here got over 3″ over a couple of days.  It was needed.

     Had lots of traffic looking at goats this past weekend.  This was good and bad.  Good because I like showing goats and bad because I’ve still got plenty to do around the ranch.

    I was leaving the nuts in three buck prospects, but now we are down to two.  The gimped up one is screwed.  We can’t get him healed up.  Oh well.  The joys of raising goats. 

      I’m going to take about 10 wethers and 2 doe kids to the Labor Day sale.  There will be a couple of Joe Dirt wethers, several Goofy wethers and one bad ass Rainman wether.  I have a really cool Joe Dirt x Showtime kid that I am trying to decide whether to sell him now or later.  I haven’t banded him and he is just now old enough to wean, but he has a lot of fans.  I’ve got till Monday to decide.  It will be elbows and buttholes flying on this weekend trying to get goats sheared, clipped and sorted.  Should be fun.  Might make me work up an appetite for a good cajun shrimp boil, or do you say it bawill. 

     Tyke’s been sticking to his guns.  Everybody that goes and looks at his tries to get him to price ’em, but he hasn’t caved yet.  It looks like all of his will be at the sale on Monday.  If you haven’t seen them, it is worth your drive to Woodward on Monday to see this set. 

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