I like taking a trip.  Let’s not confuse a trip with a vacation.  I don’t like being gone for extended periods of time. I’m almost always fine with a day or two. Three, four or five days turns into a logistical nightmare.  Who will feed?  Who will do it right?  What if something goes wrong?  However, they can be one in the same.  It just depends.  

     I’ve had some really good trips that didn’t involve ashphalt, planes or destinations.  However, once done, I had a positive attitude and loved life.  I’ve had vacations that made me want to fight.  Kind of like 5 star dining, it depends on the presentation and then, the taste of the actual food.

      The Dragon Lady doesn’t travel with me very often for several reasons.  1–She has other stuff going on.  2–She can’t leave her work.  3–She can stay home & take care of almost any problems.  4–There are kids involved and she handles that stuff way better than I do.  5–A stock show is a trip to me, a job for her.  According to her, if it involves an animal, it isn’t a trip or vacation.   

     Sometimes, a trip consists of an overnighter kind of deal, but it falls together just right, where my mind is cleansed, no worries, and I come home refreshed.  Other times, I had to leave the country to get right.

      I’ve had good trips to find one doe kid and Staats forgot his clothes, toothbrush, etc.  It worked out OKAY as the little place in Eldorado had a rusty razor and somebody elses’ fruit of the looms hanging in the bath.  

     We just recently got back from Boston.  Good trip.  Good vacation.  I would go back.  I actually would recommend that all Americans go to Boston.  The history is off the charts.  It is similar to Washington DC.  Except, that DC is loaded with monuments that make you go “Ooohh Snapp!”  On the other hand, dangt neart every corner in Boston has a historical happening.  One of those, “this brick marks the spot kind of deal”.    Stuff that they don’t put in the history books.  You know, the good stuff.  Boston is where it actually all started.  DC is where the politicians spent tax dollars building really cool stuff.  

Top 5 trips

5–Atlanta–had a really good trip as an ag teacher with a really good group of fellow ag teachers.  It involves a Hungarian taxi driver, blue shaded sunglasses, bird cages, dogs, cab rides, mountains, the Emancipation Proclamation, piano bars, the BEST auquarium that I have seen to date, chop sticks, lobster & wine.  Did I mention the cab rides?

4–1 Day goat trip(s)–Staats & I drive south and came home with All Jacked Up and a painted up wether that his daughter wins Tulsa with.  Drove hard, fast and came home.  Succesfull.    Thompson, Poe and I buying a wether in Sonora and driving home that night.  Got out of the ticket.  The goat won Tulsa.  Fred, Thompson and I backing out of buying bucks (191) and buying wethers (OYE grand).  I’ve got a pile of these kind of stories.  

3–Gosney, Mitchell and I buying boars in a blizzard.  This story takes some time, but is way fun.  Electric Pants.  Hogs with Sweaters.  Amish Beards.  Bad transmission.  Burger King crown.  This one is off the charts.

2–Phoenix–I’ve got several.  Kela was on one of them.  Duke the other.  Big fun.  Long way from home.  

2a–Vegas–There are a couple.  One with Poe, Fred, Thompson, myself and a rhino.  Another that involves more people.  

1–Costa Rica–I was useless.  No phone.  No computer.  My wife & daughter told Duke and I what to do next.  I didn’t argue.  It was awesome.  Great food.  Geat relaxation.  Great fishing.  Monkeys, squirrels, iguanas.  Is it time to retire?  I’m going back.


Here’s to wishing a stellar trip or vacation to each of you.  

I need to get west of Fredericksburg pretty quick.  I might have a new trip story later this week.