Thursday Night

This could be a long post….but it won’t be.

There are always things going on, right in front of you, on your screen.  Things are what they are, but yet….dang, I should have seen that one coming.  I would like to write about the behind the scenes, here or there, but I can’t, or won’t.  However, I did sit on a 5 gallon bucket full of potential product.  Oh, the fun!

I got stung by wasps twice tonight.  I asked the Dragon Lady to get some benadryl from the front of a Kansas dude’s trailer.  She was only kind of pissed when she realized that there was not any benadryl in those iced down medicine boxes.  I feel better, kind of.  Those BL cans helped.  Kind of.

I may have mentioned before, but just in case…..I hate doe goats.  I sent a set of doe kids to Milligan to sell.  He did.  The buyers are going to be pleased.  I didn’t care what they brought.  I just wanted them to go to good homes.  A couple of them are really good.

Politics.  My GOD!!   It is as bad as it has ever been.  Gross!   I am not a Trump fan…BUT….I trust him with the economy and the military.  That other dude has been in office almost as long as I have been alive….AND I do not trust him with making the class breaks at a county show.  This biden his time dude was a vice president and didn’t accomplish 2 squirts of owl crap.  AND NOW, he is going to make a good president?  Simple logic and common sense…..come on people.  I get that you don’t like Trump but at some point, there has got to be some common sense.

I did NOT bash anybody in that previous paragraph.  AND if I did, and if I did, it was Trump that I sounded negative toward.  Simple facts.  Common Sense.  We have NO chance with the democratic ticket and a fighting chance with the Republican ticket.

Like a stock show, I just want a fair shot.  That’s it.

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