Yes, it was a Thursday.  BIG FUN!!  Bouncy, squishy kind of fun.  I have had enough of big tree limbs being blown down.  I needed to repair skylights in the machine shed.  So, I started a pre-emptive strike.  I rented a man-lift.  4wd, diesel, drive from the bucket kind of man lift.  It lifts over 40′ high, moves side to side, up/down, steers.  Yeah, it’s a bit scary, but way cool.  I have it till next Monday.  

     So, on this Thursday, I spent time in the bucket, with a chainsaw, trimming trees.  No shirt.  Almost completely redneck.  (No beverage).  It was too windy to start on the barn roof.  So, I murdered some Elm tree limbs that were going to come down at some point in time.  Sooner rather than later.  

     As it grew dark outside, I realized that Duke and I had a box of fireworks.  Something clicked.  And yes.  On this Thursday, Duke and I rode the lift to its highest point and then shot roman candles in a downward direction.  Classic fun.  Roman candles shot from 40′ over a pen of doe goats at dusk–PRICELESS!!  Way worth the price of renting the lift.  Then we came back to ground level and proceeded to use up some punks lighting stuff.  Way good stuff.  The Dragon Lady didn’t light any firecrackers.  But she picked out some way cool black powder powered proplellents that  had lots of sparkles and then booms.  Of course, we did the saturn missles and some boot-legged bottle rockets.   

     Today wasn’t all fun and games as I have an open wound on my leg from a doe goat.  Duke got the ever-living duke knocked out of him by a doe goat.  All I know about a doe goat is that one who has never cussed an animal has never actually dealt with a doe goat.  MISERABLE!