Thursday 119 Meow

      I burnt up some pavement today and goat to see some really good Okie goats.  Saw a couple of sets of March born kids that will be selling in June that look really good.  I also saw several of the doe kids that will be selling in the Divas doe sale on April 26.  That deal could be interesting.  Way interesting.  It’s goat to be.

    I’d like to move mommas and babies out of the kidding barn but Mother Nature just won’t let me do it.  It didn’t rain here today, but it was high 40s with really high humidity.  It felt dang cold out.  I’ve goat to say that they can stay inside another day.  

     I’ve been known to get too many irons in the proverbial fire.  Well, today, it goat really serious around here.  How serious?  It goat 3 times more serious than it has been. The #119 keeps rolling across the inside of my eyelids.  Let me reiterate, it goat really serious around here.

     Here’s to all of you that work to make things better and aren’t afraid to take a jump, no matter what you are doing.  I didn’t see anything bouncing on this Thursday, but I goat to feel my brain bouncing inside my skull–it bounced 119 times.  

     Did I mention that I like the movie the movie “Super Troopers”.  If you haven’t seen it, then you’ve goat to.  It’s goat to be one of the funniest movies of all time.