Quite possibly my favorite day.  It doesn’t matter if I am working in the private sector (making $), as a public servant(not much $ but….WTF was I thinking) or for just working for myself (Oh, how I miss May -July of 2014), Thursday is probably my favorite day.  Why? Well, most road trips start on Thursday evening.  We are real close to the weekend.  You can feel it.  Only one more day till the weekend.  I can make it.  Yes, I can see the end.  And then there is the CHIVE and “Things that bounce Thursday”.  I like that deal.  Think Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber–“I like it a lot!”

      Now this Thursday was different.  I had good reports from KC.  Braden was res. grand overall showman.  That is good, real good.  I don’t know who was grand, don’t care, but I will take Braden against the field everyday of the week and twice on Thursday.  Then he won div. 1 wether with a Helms goat.  Lexi Vanderwork was res. div. 1 with another Helms goat.  Chesley Comstock won a class with a doubled up Joe Dirt wether and then won another class with an Ernie goat.  Good day.  The only way it could have been better is if I would have been there.  

      Got chores done and made it into the house.  Clicked on the interenet, then the chive and scrolled down. Yep, DAR, oh my–things that bounce and then, RUSM?!–Vote for your favorite Chris Farley T- Shirt design.  Those bouncy things can wait!  I’ve got to look.  OH MY!  Some of these aren’t worth 2 squirts of duck $h!T.  But some are absolute genius. We (ME) are huge Chris Farley fans at this house.  I woke the house up laughing at the Chippendale’s dance off with he & Patrick Swayze on SNL.  I will argue that the “Chippendales try-out” is the funniest thing EVER aired on TV.  Patrick Swayze is a classicly trained dancer with the body of a Greek god.  And Farley, well, he doesn’t look good in dancekins, but he could move.  The night I watched him dance as the Lunch Lady–just wrong. Tommy Boy is possibly the funniest movie of ALL time.  Pick a line–Fat guy in a little coat, Guarantee (abrv), that’ll leave a mark, Richard, what’d you do?, etc.  

      On occasion, when I can get the VCR remote to work and I have time and I need a better attitude, then I stick a SNL greatest hits of Chris Farley into the machine.  And I laugh until I cry.  I can recite the lines, but it is funny EVERY time I watch it.  This dude made Will Ferrell, David Spade and Adam Sandler laugh.  

     When I have a buck named Farley or Tommy Boy, you will know that I have a great one.