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Posted on October 18, 2021
       Yes, the American Royal was this past weekend.  Yes, I went to Kansas City.  No, I did not attend the American Royal.         As RJ Curry said in his retirement video, “As an ag teacher, you never know what you will be doing from day to day.  There is always something that needs doing.”  He isn’t wrong.           I had planned on going with Clayton Washmon to

The End

Posted on October 15, 2021
       I had typed a really long post on Wednesday evening.  Nothing controversial just lots of good info.  And that damn laptop struck again.  Well,  I am now in the market for a new computer as that was The End of that laptop.           On Wednesday, every class period, I drove a yellow bus and hauled every Shattuck FFA student to the ag farm.  We properly harvested broilers.  46 birds


Posted on October 11, 2021
      I do enjoy listening to younger judges and their terminology.  I don’t understand it all but I get the use of new verbiage.  Call me a crusty, old fart and I will not argue.  But sometimes, it just seems like we are reinventing the wheel.         Runs Uphill.  First heard it in hogs a few years ago.  Now, I’m hearing it in other species.  Basically, this means that they are


Posted on October 10, 2021
     After Tulsa.  Now, as an ag teacher, I can get on with the rest of my year.        Historically, this is my most hated show.  I don’t like where it sits on the calendar.  I don’t like the fairgrounds.  I normally don’t like showing there.  Even though, in years past, we have had some big fun.  Like winning all 6 goat divisions in one year.  Winning broiler chicken shows.  As well


Posted on October 3, 2021
     I’m not even sure what, when or how the addition of “step” came to being.  Why not extra-brother or added-sister?  Stupid, I know.  But why step?  Step? It doesn’t even flow.        Oddly enough, the whole “step” deal got to whirling through my skull as a result of a recent conversation with one of my best friends, John Schoenhals  (said Shane-halls)  Yeah, practice spelling that name.  Effed up German names like Kelln,


Posted on October 2, 2021
     Cornhole has became very popular the past decade or so.  There is even televised collegiate cornhole matches on one of the 12 different espn channels.  It’s big fun.  Even goats like to play cornhole.  Seriously.         Well, not all cornhole is fun.  There is one facet of the goat industry that is hard to explain to those that have never had a pen of 8 month old bucklings.  On the east side


Posted on October 1, 2021
       Sometimes, this dang blog feels like an unpaid job.  Other times, it feels good to pound the keyboard.  And yet, other times, you just wish, that maybe, this is all a bad dream and it didn’t even exist.  And then crap gets real.           Things got real during third hour today, food science class, on this fine Thursday.   Now, just to give the readership some background, this is a

Oh hell!

Posted on September 29, 2021
        I spent an hour or two on this evening watching a movie that I have seen several times.  Tammy had never watched Gran Torino.  So, I gladly sat and watched it with her.  Bad ass movie!  Hard to argue with anyone that says that Clint Eastwood is the most influential person in Hollywood….EVER!!!  It was not a waste of time watching this flick.  Which was completely unlike the teachers’ meeting at

Timeless Classics

Posted on September 24, 2021
         No, I’m not talking about a classic car from the online auction.  And NO, I didn’t get the Cadillac limo bought either.  I had the bid during extended bidding.  But this sale was closing during class.  A student asked me a question and I lost my focus.  I turned back to check the bidding and it was CLOSED!!!          Meanwhile in a different class period, I was trying to


Posted on September 22, 2021
       The power of the internet is absolutely scary yet amazing.  This morning, while taking a perch upon some porcelain.  I opened a week old High Plains Journal.  I had read all of the articles but had yet to study the ads.  As I looked over this info-laden, weekly rag an ad caught my eye.  Classic Car Auction.  Online.  OoooHH Snapp!!       There are several sale lots that have caught my

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