Things everybody should see

This is just a list of stuff that everybody should see with their own eyes at least once.  Maybe even once a day.

–That animal that just hits you where you go “Dang, I’m going to have to spend some jack to own that one.”  Could be a dog, goat, koala, steer, etc.

–The deep, deep, dark, dark, blue water of the Pacific that you can just look down into and wonder just how deep you can actually see.  

–Puppies being born.  

–A smoker full of meat (pork, beef, bologna, chicken, sausage,  turkey, goat, penquin, whatever) that is ready to eat.

–Sea turtles in the ocean or better yet, on the beach leaving a nest.

–Your favorite band live in concert.

–Baby Herefords

–The inside of a church.

–That showmanship job, done by a kid that has obviously put in some serious hours of work, that just oozes with “I’ve bonded with this animal, I’m the best showman in the ring and I am going to make this animal look like the best here today, so hand me a banner because I’ve got a picture to take.”

–The Dragon Lady says that everyone should be able to watch their kid achieve a goal.  Graduate college.  Get a job.  

–A true artist at work–musically, on canvas or Kirk Stierwalt clipping a steer.  

–A moment of clarity.

–A whale, so that you realize just how small a mammal you really are.

–That moment while watching your own kid(s) and you go, “Oh hell!?  That kid has my same problems. I was hoping her/his mother’s genetics would counterbalance that.” But deep down, you go “YES!!”  That one is gonna go far.  And you know that you are right.  And then they prove you right.  

–Mother Nature

–Duke says “that instant when a fish hits the lure and your pole starts to bend.  Oh, and OSU colored squirrells in Costa Rica.”  I agree.  Oh and getting a new box of legos.  



–The inside of a major league baseball park.

–A check bigger than you expected. 

–Cows being milked by hand.


–A favorable class schedule.


–More friends–can you have too many?

–That moment when working with a kid to help them improve a skill and you see the look in their eyes when  “IT CLICKS!!”  What’s the term?  PRICELESS!!

–Rain–once again, PRICELESS!

–Barry Sanders recieving an opening kickoff in the east end zone while you are sitting in the shitty east end zone seats and a 100+ yards later it is 6 to 0.  

–Washington D.C.–Dang near every monument means something and makes you go Hhmm?  

–The changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetary.  If that doesn’t make you choke up a little, then something is wrong.  

–A really good report card.  


–Failure–learn from it.  It is a success if you don’t do it again.

–The ground from an airplane.

–A sibling do well.

–Thunder and lightning.  Yes, you can see thunder. 

–That skinny animal that isn’t quite right, but just gives you the air that “I am a show animal and I wish somebody would just give me a chance to prove it”.  

–Your name in print. (not in the legal notices–unless it’s in the part where some oil company is leasing your minerals)

–Grandparents–one more time.

–Clearly, out of BOTH eyes.  (something I haven’t done in a long time)  For all the modern marvels of medicinal science, they can’t fix my right eye.  

–A job well done.

–Ronnie Swigart giving your dad a raft of crap.  If you know him, then you are laughing.   

–A favorite comedian on the radio. Yes, on the radio. 

–A true act of forgiveness.

–Your signature at the bottom of a check when it is for way more than you ever thought you would write a check but you know in your gut/heart/head that it is money well spent and you can actually cover the check.

–Somebody you know smoked-ass drunk so that you now realize you don’t want to act like that.  Except on certain occasions.

–That open door of opportunity.

–2 week old goats running, climbing on top of stuff and jumping while turning sideways in mid-air, landing on their feet and bouncing a different direction.  How do they do that?  How are they so cute and their mothers can be almost demonic?

–Tadpoles, horny toads and baby ducks. I’ve never been in a bad mood when in the vicinity of a horny toad. 

–a true random act of kindness.

–flowing water

–Hay being baled, wheat being cut, ground being plowed–all by green equipment. 

–A hero

–The light at the end of the tunnel.  

–An ex– so that you realize just how good you have it now.

–A Paid in Full statement/Lien release.


–that moment when you realize that tonight’s blog might be fun to read, thought provoking, yet non-controversial and you look at the screen and think “Dang, I’m glad that I am not on facebook.”  Once again, PRICELESS!!


There is a pile of other stuff, but I haven’t seen them YET, so they didn’t make the list.  What kind of things you ask?  Well, things like Bigfoot, perfection and a good tomato. I’m done. 

Good day. 

Stay flexible but not limp.