The importance of…

hitting the “save post” button.  As a result of not hitting the button last night, you, the readers have missed out on an incredibly well written piece.  It started to rain last night, so I sat down to write.  And write.  And write.  Then a power flash.  Then a power outage.  I wrote a tremendous piece full of social commentary, a tutorial piece on proper feeding/exercising instructions of goats complete with secret feed additives.  And another blog involving tricks, for does and wethers, both legal and illegal that are commonly used.  And I named names on users of the illegal tricks.   

         But now, that I have power restored to this computer, I’m just not in the mood to put it all back into print form.  So, as usual, there is all of this info rattling around in my head.  It was probably my 2nd best blog ever.

     Anyways, we got 1.1″ of rain last night as well as several feet of thunder and lightning.