The Cost

      First off, I would like to thank everyone that looked at, inquired about, bid and/or bought lots on the Sweetheart Semen sale.  Not just the people that bid on our bucks, but also on Hummel’s, Shafer’s & Milligan’s.  Hats off to these breeders and for assembling this offering.  This was an outstanding line up of buck genetics that was offered to the public.  I mean, how often can you bid on a dominant proven sire such as A90 only hours after his offspring was named grand at a show like San Antonio?  What a big day for Ann and Hugh Shafer.  Access to top shelf bucks were made available to the public–at a cost.  But this cost was determined by the bidders.  What is done with this genetic offering is now up to the buyers.  I hope they have successful flushes and call me with some high end wethers (and/or bucks) to look at.

     I get the privilege of working with a lot of families and their livestock projects.  It isn’t a money making endeavor.  I hope to cover my costs of travel when I’m buying and to be able to afford to sharpen some blades and buy hoof grinding pads.  Several of these families bring me bribes such as pies and cookies, some bring stuff for the Dragon Lady,  others bring OK State billiard balls and a lot of them bring aluminum containers to keep the barn fridge full.  It works and I love it.  Whatever, I would way rather have cookies and cold beer more than cash.  I have even been given some home-made wine before that was kind of like drinking nyquil–tasted pretty good but you’re getting ready to be asleep pretty quick.  

    Thursday evening, I was drinking and driving inside the barn.  I had spread gyp rock ag fines on the dirt part of the big barn.  I had watered it down and was packing it with the pickup–back and forth, back and forth.  The doors of the barn were closed.  I was not a menace to society.  The only other living being in the barn with me was Dozer the duroc barrow and he was all hopped up on cruise control, Blast feed, Uni4m fat and cookies & cream paylean.  Trust me, he couldn’t drive.

      During this exciting event, my phone dinged with that hideous sound of an incoming text message.  I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see what kind of question, inquiry or whatever was coming.  

     Now, it is well documented on here that Duke and I like to watch a lot of different tv programs that involve “real” life.  Finding Bigfoot, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars and Swamp People are our favorites.  I have occasionally watched moonshiners.  I never knew how close to home this show could get.  I mean, we live & work in NW OK and the Texas panhandle–you know GOD’s country.  I opened the text from one of our goat showing parents and went WTH?

Here it is, as written:

“Well i had a big surprise for u and tyke but my moonshiner friend got busted today with 120 quarts so i will have to come up with another idea to thank u for all ur help.  Have a good week”

Busted?  For moonshine?  In Oklahoma?  For real?  Next thought, what did they do with the shine?  I wonder if he has more hid somewhere?  120 quarts?  WTH has a moonshiner friend?  Hhmm?  Wonder if it was any good?

     All I do know is that Tyke is having a baby shower on Saturday for his soon-to-be-hatched twins.  1–I bet Tyke has never had any shine  2–I bet he would try some as he is suffering through that baby shower with all those females looking at strollers, car seats, sippy cups, onesies and diapers.  Too bad, he will just have to suffer.  Maybe that goat dad’s friend will be out on good behavior in time to make some for the 1st birthday’s?  Everything has a cost.


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