Where would we be without it?  Maybe better off.  Probably not.  We are all attached to our phones, the internet, facebook, whatever.  All I know is that it is frustrating when something isn’t working.  I have been fighting this blog page server for almost 2 weeks.  For some reason, it is working tonight.  This afternoon, my iPhone wouldn’t work.  I tried shutting it down, recharging, everything except doing physical damage.  I loaded up and went to AT&T in Woodward.  I told them the problems.  “Did you try this? Did you try that?”  Every time they asked, I physically showed them.  Finally, the chick asked for the phone.  She holds the same two EFFING buttons that I had just tried right there in front of her.  Guess what?  The phone shuts down, reboots and comes back to life.  F!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There went an hour of my life that I can’t get back.  

      I need to be sending info to Milligan for the bred doe sale on Monday.  Yes, I know, I am late.  But I have all the info.  Now, I can’t get my email server to work properly.  It’s all wonderful when things are working.  But sometimes, on occasion, you just want to slam your head in a sliding glass door. 

       And yes, we are offering several bred does.  Some No Way/Hang 10 daughters bred to Joe Dirt.  And an absolute proven well bred doe bred to Rumour Has It.