Tastes like…

Well, I got a taste of my own medicine last night with the Helms online doe sale. I am still a big fan of online auctions, but it can get hard to keep up with. I was trying to bid on lots 1 through 10. Let me tell you, that is kind of hard to manage and not lose track of time. Especially, when the prairie dogs spinning the internet wheel for our outdated service couldn’t keep up with the refresh button. Whoever, got lots 2 & 7 bought, you are welcome. I was bidding on both and hit submit, and somehow, I was too late. It really gets hard to keep up with when there are so many others bidding so fast. Oh well, I guess it saved me some cash.

I thought the goats looked good on video. The write ups gave a solid description and the genetics were in demand. That makes for a good online sale. I did like the music touch to it as well. Doing an online sale takes some work, but good pictures/video, good info and good genetics makes for a successful sale. It is a lot of work to get the pics. Animals don’t always cooperate. I like the video better on the does. I like mutiple pics of wethers.

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