Here it is the Thursday after OYE and I am still trying to decide if I survived or not. One, it was an incredibly tough wether show. Two, I don’t get sick but every third year or so, but the OYE barn cough has got me down this time.

That was a dang good wether show. Classes were very deep in quality. The division two champion line up was impressive. All four of those wethers had a shot at it. It was the best division line up that I had witnessed and Zanolini agreed on the mic. His reasons on the division 3 champ and reserve were interesting. Duke’s goat was a “specimen” and Braden’s goat was a “rockstar”. Can’t say that I disagree.

As far as the grand drive went, I thought that Braden’s div 3 goat was for sure the best one. Then I thought he could go a number of different ways–take the next two out of div. 2 or take div. 2 then res. div. 3 or res div 3 and then div. 2. I wasn’t into the reserve grand very much. I would have beat him in division. However, where that goat was good, he was way good. But he had too many structure problems for me. I also think that a kid should be able to half way show an animal in order to win at a major show. But my opinion didn’t count on that day. All in all, I followed him very well.

We had a lot of wethers placing in the top five and have a couple in the premium sale. Didn’t have any class winners, but they consistently placed very well. I didn’t watch much of the doe show. Just enough to see the grand and reserve grand. They were both very good. I don’t get too excited about the OYE doe show as so many of the good ones are left at home and the whole scratching, buy out option, buy your own goat back deal just doesn’t intrigue me. I wish they would do away with the doe sale part of it and just show them. It shouldn’t cost a kid to be successful with an animal.

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