Finally had a day that I could be at home and get some stuff done. I didn’t answer a phone and the only texts that I responded to were from Kela and the Dragon Lady. As a result, I was able to get sale wethers sheared and started clipping doe kids, but it was just too dang hot to finish them all. So I had to fill my tank and cool down. There are advantages to living in the middle of nowhere. It was awesome. I need to make a habit of staying away from the phone.

There will be about 25 wethers and 15 doe kids at the sale on Tuesday.


Although late, I did make it into the Major County Fair on Friday night to watch the honorable Jack Staats line up the goat show. This was a really good show. Top to bottom, the doe show and wether show was top notch. This was the first time that Fairview did not win the wether show. This county is loaded with good little wethers. The doe show was exceptionally good.

Duke did not show a goat at the county fair. He took Stella the rabbit in to defend her title of Grand Champion rabbit, which she did. As soon as the goat show was over, I found Duke in the mud volleyball pit.

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