Sunday, WW goat show day

    Rumour Has It that there was a goat show in Woodward, OK on this fine Sunday.  The Woodward District Goat Show is now in the books.  And it was one for the books.  The Woodward District Stock show first held a goat show in 2005.  Kela had the grand wether that year.  It was a nice show, but the quality, like all Okie shows in 2005 wasn’t very deep.  Now, in 2015, this is a wicked good show.  The quailty of the goats, quality of the presentation and the quality of the showman is second to none.  The classes were deep and killer good–wethers and does.  We had a judge change due to the weather.  Bryan Kennedy was asked to pinch hit and do the honors.  Anybody that has ever seen Bryan judge livestock knows that he is going to pick what he likes and does not give a rat’s behind as to what anybody else thinks.  And that is exactly how he judged today.  And I liked it.  

      Where to begin?  The doe show.  It started off good with a Joe Dirt doe kid out of Blood Pressure’s momma winning class one.  Class two saw a Rumour Has It doe kid win that class.  This doe was also Res. Div. 1.   Rainman sired the res. div. 2 doe kid.  Rumour Has It sired the Ch. Div. 3.  This was the high selling doe in the Kelln/Seelke Dirty Rumour online sale.  Rumour Has It also sired the ch. div. 4 doe kid.  Then in the grand drive, the Div. 4 doe was grand and the Div. 3 champ was reserve grand.  Yep, a Kelln bred Rumour Has It was Grand doe and a Seelke bred Rumour Has It was res. grand doe.  Joe Dirt had at least 3 class winnners.  Huge congrats to Carli Word with the grand doe and Kelli Sweet with the res. grand doe. 

       Let me tell you about the grand doe.  Schneberger helped me with a flush in 2013.  I flushed the K9 doe to Rumour Has It.  We got 7 embryos and then got 7 live births.  5 bucks & 2 does.  One recip had 3 eggs in her.  She had all 3, but one side of her udder quit.  So, I pulled the doe kid and told Tammy to call her crazy buddy in Arnett.  Amy and her family took this doe kid and raised her as a bottle baby.  Her name is “Goatness”.  She likes to sit in the lazy boy recliner and eat Almond Joys with the family.  Seriously.  And for the rest of the story, this bottle baby is a flush mate to Skippy Red Leg and a couple of other bucks.  One of which will be for sale in the very near future.  So, yes, the grand doe was a bottle baby and likes to eat Almond Joy candy bars.  But she has a monster top, ribcage and chest floor.  The best part–Carli even smiled a bit while winning classes then divisions and then grand.  Now, we just have to figure out which buck needs to meet Goatness.

      Then, the wether show.  This deal was wicked good.  Poe had his crew dialed in.  The goats were fresh, firm and showed right.  Then there was our little crew.  When the dust cleared–Darcy Whitley had the champ div. 4 wether which would be named Grand Champion.  He is a Rumour Has It x K11 (Harley).  He was the high seller at the Circle of Champions sale in Norman last June.  Darcy and her family have shown this goat twice.  He was Grand at Dewey County, now Grand at Woodward District.  Wait, did I read this right?  Rumour Has It sired the grand WETHER AND DOE as well as the reserve grand doe?  Yes, yes you are reading it right.  Oh yeah!  He also sired the res. div. 4 wether that was a player for Darcy Peach.  And Chancery Bruce had a 2nd place premium sale Rumour wether and Ava Bogdahn had a 2nd place premium sale Rumour Has It wether.  Everybody has wanted to know where the Rumour wethers were.  There aren’t many, but there’s you some wether results.

      Duke had the Res. Div. 2 wether (XFactor Helms).  Darcy Peach had the res. div. 1 wether (Helms), a class winning Rainman (Kelln) and the res. div. 4 wether Rumour Has It (Kelln).  Dirt sired numerous premium sale wethers.  Our small operation had a pretty good day.