Sunday Night

      I saw a shit load (excuse me, an ass load;  which is more?)  I saw a pile of show goats today.  Way good goats, better people.  These kind of deals make for great competition.  The better ones go home and get serious.   

     I promised the Dragon Lady that I would go to the drive in movie at Shattuck and watch GREASE.  I have no problem watching a movie where they had to literally “sow” Olivia Newton-John in-to those pants.  It looked good back in 1980 and it still looks good in 2013.  I like a good musical.  Corny, maybe.  Good, YES.  We had fun.  The kids had fun.  

      Yes, we went to Shattuck and watched the movie GREASE.  At the drive in.  And yes, we drove the ’93 Chevey Van.  That was the surround sound for all to listen.  It is a great movie.  My only issue…How In the heck has John Travolta continued to get leading roles?….And he is still a known commodity.  He’s like CHER, twinkies and 900.  They will still be around after an apocalypse.