–I am just sitting here at the computer getting older, gray-er haired and fatter. The Dragon Lady just got done grilling me a steak with fried taters and ranch beans. She can cook a hell of a steak. The steak was from one of my Dad’s home raised / home fed beef. That old fart can feed a steer. He also lets it hang at the butchers a little longer than most. It works. They are always damn flavorful and tender. He needs to market his beef.

–I was just watching the slide show on the homepage of Kelln Livestock when I realized that Darcy’s red wether was hard to see in front of the red backdrop.

–People occasionally ask Milligan or me if these onlne sales are for real. “Do they really sell like that?” Yes, yes they are for real. Like any sale it is a lot of work in order to do it right. I have to market them. People know that if they call and ask me about the goats that I will give them an honest opinion. I will gladly tell somebody if that one is a great, a really good prospect or if he will make a nice county goat. A lot of people come to the house and look at them. A lot of others call Milligan, Poe or Thompson and ask their opinion. It works for me. Others think that you can just take a picture of a goat and it will sell. There is WAY more to it than that.

–The description of the animals on my sale can define the animal. I keep it honest, to the point. I try to make them fun to read. I also work with the goats 5 or 6 times before photo day to make sure they set up.

–Another reason that my sales go well, is that some people understand that they are buying more than just a goat. They understand that I am WAY more likely to help with feed, showmanship and fitting if there is a goat with an orange ear tag that says KELLN on it.

–It did sprinkle here for 30 seconds. It looked like rain, felt like rain, smelled like rain, but it really wasn’t. If you haven’t been west of Woodward, then you need to. It will make you appreciate where you live. It is horribly dry in the OK and Texas panhandles and south to the border. The sage brush and mesquite is turning brown. There are more shades of brown out there than in a 64 pack box of crayons like my brothers used to eat in grade school.

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