I’ve been watching several online pig sales the last couple of nights.  It looks to me like that the dang sure good ones sell real well, while the nice ones and not good enough ones are lucky to get a bid.  Unless you are selling good berks and that sale looked pretty stout.  One or two of the website bidding platforms are enough to make me not want to bid.  There is one site that is miserable to look at the pics, read the info & it gives me a stigmatism just to look at the bidding screen.  It’s enough to drive me to a different website.

     I do think the goat online sales normally have better pics (except for mine) and the reading for each animal is much more in depth and way more entertaining.  

I think that soup is an under-rated food.  

I also think that the time change (twice per year) is an under-rated pain in the ass.  

      Here’s some more stuff to think about.  I was looking at a list of the top 25 weathiest people and #s 12,11,10 & 9 were all Waltons of the Wal Mart empire.  Think about that the next time you spend a pile in there.  I didn’t see any goat breeders on the list but I think that Pfeiffer was 26 and Helms was about 29.  Or the other way around.

Have a wonderful day.

      Stay flexible but not limp.